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Is your AC on the fritz? We got your AC replacement needs covered!

Air conditioning problems in your Woodland Hills home? Don’t let a malfunctioning air conditioning unit ruin your beautiful, sunny day. At Fleetwell, we’re dedicated to providing reliable, efficient cooling solutions that keep your space perfectly comfortable at all times. So when your AC system starts wearing and tearing, it’s high time that you think of replacing it. The modern energy-efficient models will not only ensure comfort in a cooler home but also assist you in saving loads from your energy bills. We can help you make those unbearable temperatures bearable with a new high-performance air conditioner. Call us today for an easy upgrade consultation!

Most of the air conditioning problems are frustrating and relatively ordinary for owning the system. Over time, every air conditioner will develop problems that will make them require at least some repairs. These problems can easily be resolvable at first when they only happen with one part of the system and the system is fairly new. The problem’s nature can be established precisely only by an ff, which is located in Woodland Hills, CA.

But if it’s getting near your time for replacement or you have to get the repair services done too frequently, even the unit cannot be working well in cooling your home, then maybe it is about time that you should consider replacing it. With a new one, you get better comfort, more efficiency in energy, fewer breakdowns, and help in reducing your cooling bills at home.

Therefore, the following are necessary considerations for one who needs to get a new air conditioner:

1. System Type: There are two categories of central air conditioners. The first category of central air conditioners consists of the split system: an outdoor placed condenser and an indoor placed evaporator. The second system consists of a package: all its components are placed in a single outdoor unit.

You may also consider a heat pump used in the home that both heats and cools.

2. Size: Proper sizing of the air conditioner is important. It should be large enough to remove heat and humidity efficiently but not very large for it not to manage the levels of humidity and consequently become inefficient cost-wise. The load calculations can be done by a technician to know which is the best size for your house.

3. SEER Rating: SEER stands for the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating and explains the rating of an air conditioner. A higher SEER rating reflects better energy efficiency, at times even a sixth of what the electricity bill could add up to, thus offering potential savings over the entire system life.

4. Cost: Installation of new air conditioning, whether it is the first or after several repairs and many years of service, means capital outlay and must be based on acquisition cost and long-term operating expenses. An energy-efficient system requires more investment at the beginning, though it definitely pays itself since your utility bill will be much lower over the long term. Consider these factors that are going to determine the type of air conditioner that will be ideal for your needs and give you better performance and value for your investment.

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When it comes to pricing a cooling system, numerous considerations come into play. It’s unrealistic for anyone to provide an accurate quote without first conducting a detailed inspection of your home—often, such premature estimates are merely tactics to secure your commitment before revealing the actual cost.

Every home is unique, with distinct requirements dictated by its occupants. We are committed to working closely with you to determine the specific features your family needs and to identify the system that aligns with your financial plan. Rest assured, we aim to offer you a straightforward and reasonable price for the most suitable system for your residence.

Almost 40 years of personal and dedicated service right here in Woodland Hills are proofs through time of our track record. Rest assured with us, that I will always be here today, tomorrow, and for many years to come—ready and able to assist whatever problem pops up.

Feel free to visit our testimonials page to hear for yourself from your Woodland Hills neighbors. The best, the most secure, the most polite service for your community.

There will be some customers that will see an Ad online and be like, “I can do it.”. Everything is possible, but only a few people have knowledge of refrigeration, pressurization CFM ducts, and head load analysis—all to be able to have a neat job. Today’s units are very sensitive and very technical. We even recommend using a professional for the installation.

A few signs indicating you may need a new furnace are increased operating costs, as well as more frequent repairs. You also might be observing some structural damage in the way of cracks. Should your system bring up these or any other questions, by all means, our technicians are willing to give you an inspection whereby we can determine if this is the right time for you to replace your furnace.

We’ve installed many furnace units in our nearly forty years. We cater to all makes and models, and new unit recommendations are only those we feel will provide the most years of reliable service. Although conditions and wear will take their part in the life of any heating system, the average life span for a furnace in the Los Angeles area is 15-20 years.

No. We don’t provide the lowest cost but we do provide a fair price for the level of service we offer. The true cost of a low-end provider is the inconvenience of scheduling, repeat calls, and unsatisfactory results.

To be honest, some of our customers told us they called “Cheap Charlie” first. Then, after what looked like a low cost, they still had problems, couldn’t get them solved, and finally called us to fix it right. A few extra dollars now saves time, effort, and money in the long run.



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