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Your dirty air ducts may be causing you and your family to get sick.

Your air ducts are an essential part of your home and especially of your entire air conditioning unit. Your ducts are essentially what lead cold or hot air into the different rooms of your house. Overtime, your air ducts can get moldy, dusty, and be filled with a lot of debris. If you are suffering from asthma or have a difficult time breathing it may be something related to your air ducts or your air conditioning system.

Air duct cleaning reduces indoor pollution in your home. 

  • Indoor air is 50% more polluted than the air outdoors.
  • More than 50% of ALL illnesses are caused by polluted indoor air 

All of these dangers can be prevented by regular maintenance and sealing of your air ducts. With proper tools and knowledge, our technicians can remove harmful pollutants from your home!

The EPA reports that more than 30% of the air moving through your home gets lost through holes or tears in your air duct system. This affects you because not only are you paying higher energy bills because a lot of air gets wasted and lost in your attic or crawl space, you are also infiltrating bad unhealthy air from your attic. Our technicians are factory trained to detect the source of lost air and provide a repair for maximum efficiency!

Common signs of duct problems:

  • High bills during peak seasons
  • Fluctuating temperatures between rooms
  • Ductwork is not properly strapped and kinked in many areas
  • Ductwork located in the attic or crawl space.
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It’s possible to use a dustbuster or vacuum cleaner to remove loose dirt and dust just inside the air duct openings. However, it takes proper professional equipment to reach deeper areas where build up is severe and to remove the hardened debris found on the interior surfaces throughout your air ducts. We urge you to steer clear of outfits like “Sammy with a Shop Vac.” You can trust Fleetwell to clean and seal your ductwork thoroughly and correctly with the proper equipment. Don’t compromise when it comes to home air quality — your family deserves the best.
Not with our cleaning systems and professional service. Shop vacs and commonly available vacuum equipment retain some of the dirt they take in. However, these units cannot contain the smaller dust particles found in your ductwork and they release them back into your home for a quick return to the air you breathe. Take the right step and call Fleetwell. We’ll bring the right equipment that removes large and small particles from your air ducts and contains them securely, so that we take them with us when we leave. Our professional technicians also protect your home with freshly cleaned drop cloths and other protective equipment wherever we work to keep your home as clean as when we arrived.
Just as we can’t put a price on a healthy home air quality, it is difficult to provide an accurate cleaning quote without knowledge of your system. Price will depend on the number of registers and returns, as well as the unique system that you have.
No. We don’t provide the lowest cost but we do provide a fair price for the level of service we offer. The true cost of a low-end provider is the inconvenience of scheduling, repeat calls, and unsatisfactory results. To be honest, some of our customers told us they called “Cheap Charlie” first. Then, after what looked like a low cost, they still had problems, couldn’t get them solved, and finally called us to fix it right. A few extra dollars now saves time, effort, and money in the long run.



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